New school photo style. Old school artistry.

Why Freed

FreedSPIRIT is changing the face of school photography. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to photography. Our photographers capture the spirit of each individual student, resulting in high quality portraits that the parents are thrilled to have. A FreedSPIRIT portrait will end up in a frame not thrown into a desk drawer.

Parents and students have all become used to the stale school portrait formula: sit here, sit up straight, smile, click, next. This results in stiff pictures that are a let down year after year. It may seem like there is no school photographer that does it differently, but with FreedSPIRIT, change is here.

Here’s how we capture the FreedSPIRIT in our students

Talent: Our photographers are REAL photographers. With great instincts and experience with events, weddings, portraits and more. They understand lighting, posing and expressions. Our photographers understand that, most importantly, they need to form a connection with each student, and create an environment in which the students feel comfortable to express themselves and show off their true spirit.

System: Our system is organized in a way that makes it easy on everybody. Our convenient online ordering system takes out the middleman position that the school administration is usually stuck with. Parents and students can view all the photos online and do all their ordering through our website. They can share the online password-protected gallery with other family members, If a parent needs assistance or has a question, they can feel free to call us!

Quality: Our product is what one would expect from professional studio portraits: gorgeous photographs in a wide variety of expressions and poses on both a traditional background as well as a beautiful outdoor setting. We offer all of this at the school photo prices the parents are used to.